RFID paper wristbands View larger

RFID paper wristbands

Product Nr :   JM20239

Paper wristbands with RFID inlay integrated

Get wierless control using high-tech RFID wristbands.

Buy high quality RFID paper wristbands

See our standard chip list here RFID CHIP LIST

 Minimum order 100 paper wristbands with RFID inlays.
 Production time: 18 days.

Finding the right RFID solution is complex. Contact us and we will help you find the right RFID chip for the right price.

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RFID inlay

Specifications for RFID paper wristbands with inlays

Material: Tyvek® poyethylene (synthetic plastic paper).

Standard width: 20mm.

Printing: 1 color or full color printing.

Inlay: wet  RFID

Embedding RFID inlays into paper wristbands

Embedded RFID inlays into the wristbands - the chips (inlays) are encapsulated inside the wristbands and are covered within two layer of Tyvek.

Standards of RFID inlays integrated on paper wristbands that we offer

EXW price NXP Mifare 1K S50    

EXW price FM1108         

EXW price Mifare ultralight EV1

EXW price NXP Mifare ultralgiht C           

EXW price Ntag213        

EXW price NXP ICODE SLIX         

EXW price NXP ICODE SLI           

EXW price ALIEN H3 9640            

EXW price Impinj Monza 4E

If you can't find the RFID chip you are looking for in the list, please contact us.


RFID paper wristbands

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