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Paper Wristband - Black Print

Paper Wristband - Black Print

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 Production Time: 1-5 days

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Product Overview

Custom Paper wristbands with text and logo in UK and Republic Of Ireland - Express delivery

Design personalised paper wristbands Online save time and costs.

Buy Cheap personalised printed paper wristbands at the market's absolutely best price and quality. No Minimum Order.

Besides custom printed tyvek wristbands, you can also order Coloured Paper Wristbands in several eye-popping colours

Material: Tyvek® polyethylene (synthetic plastic paper). Format: sheets of 10 wristbands. No minimum order. Free sequential numbering. Production time: 1 day . Printing colour: black. Paper festival wristbands.

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Production time: 1 day up to 20.000 wristbands (yes we are very fast). For larger orders, please contact us.

Specifications for paper wristbands with logo and text

Size: width - 19mm (¾ "); Length - 255mm (10")

Max. printing area: 150mm X 15mm

Material: Tyvek® polyethylene (synthetic plastic paper).

Logo upload. Quadratic logos only. Black and white line-art. No coloured images

Wristbands with coupon

Available colours:

PMS®: Green- 802 (UV ref.) | Dark green- 348 | Red- 032 | Dark red- 1935 | Blue- 801 | Dark blue- 293 | Yellow- 803 (UV ref.) | Bronze- 118 | Orange- 1495 (UV ref.) | Purple- 2587 | Pink- 806 (UV ref.); White | Grey- 421.

Colour chart - not accurate on your computer screen. ► PMS® colour chart UV Black light reflective wristbands background colours : Pink Green Orange Yellow Printing colours: Black Environmentally friendly paper wristbands. We print with Soya ink. ► Eco information Hypoallergic Tyvek wristbands: Dupont Tyvek® ► MSDS material safety data sheet Durability: Our paper wristbands can hold for many days ► Durability test

Design it yourself online. Adhesive lock. Requires no special tools. 'One size' fits all. S-M-L-XL. Effective sealing system. Sequentially numbered. 10 pcs. per sheet. Add QR code / Barcode. Water resistant. Tear resistant. light weight. Soft. Cost effective solution.1M Always more than one million wristbands in stock.

Design Your Personalised Paper Wristbands Online Using Our Online Designer Tool

The first step to have your customised paper wristbands ready for printing is to design it. Note that the size of the printed paper wristband is 19mm width and 255mm length. The greatest print area is 150 mm (length) by 15mm (width). When designing our Personalised Printed Paper Wristbands online, we have to select the background colour first. You have a choice of more than 12 eye-popping colours. You can enter two lines of text and two logos or icons , one to the left and one to the right. As per your convenience, you can enable or disable the display of the printing area. You also have a choice of several fonts, which you can adjust the size, and choose between bold, italic, underline or a combination thereof. You can also shift the position of the text to your heart's content. After completing the customisation of the two lines of text, you can turn your full attention to the logo. You have the choice of uploading your own logos (Square shaped black and white line art only) or selecting one or two icons or a combination as per your choice. For example you can have your logo at one end and 18+ age verified icon at the other. Once the design of the custom paper wristbands for events is ready click next. In the pop-up box that appears enter the quantity and place your order. There is no need of minimum order. Order as few or as many as you like. Likewise you can also order printed paper wristbands with a message.

Full Colour and Complex Logo Printing For Customised Paper wristbands

Our advanced online designing concept for paper wristbands with text and logo is an efficient tool that helps our customers save time and costs however there are some limitations when specific results are needed or when printing is required in full colour. As an option we offer our customers the ability to send us information by eMail on how they would like to get their personalised paper wristbands. Our graphic design team makes a digital layout (artwork) so our customers can see exactly what they will get. If required customers can require changes in the layout and our graphic designing team will implement the corrections and send a new layout. Once the layout is approved by our customer, we can go ahead with production. We accept graphic files in both vector format and bitmaps for production of customised printed paper wristbands, although graphic files in vector format produce the best results as they can be scaled without any loss of quality. For example the eps format is very compatible across almost all DTP and graphic software and it allows us to scale the image up or down in size while still keeping the image sharp. PDF files in vector format are the easiest for us to handle, they are universal and we can open them no matter what version they were created in. Other vector file formats that we accept are EPS, SVG, CDR and Ai (but not all versions). If a vector file is not available, you can try and send us a bitmap file in high resolution for our evaluation. We can then see if we can convert it to a vector file that we can use for production. Bitmap files accepted: JPEG, PNG, TIFF in minimum 150 dpi, although here again 300 dpi and above is preferred. Normally, the pictures that are used on websites look good enough on a computer screen but are problematic when we need to use them for production, as their resolution is very low and their size is optimized by reducing their quality. To order your Customised paper wristband by email click here

Production of Cheap Printed Paper Wristbands

Firstly the Tyvek wristbands are printed in bulk using a rotational printing machine such as Mark Andy Printers that flood prints the full surface of one side of the wristbands with the required colour. As soon as we receive your order for printing your personalised printed paper wristbands, we customise the plain Tyvek wristbands with an over-print in one colour as per your desired text and logo. Over printing in one colour, is fast and cheap compared to customising in full colour. All printed paper wristbands are sequentially numbered. We also use a special tamper evident feature on all of our custom paper wristbands for events which will make them unusable in case anyone tries to remove them. As an additional security measure the wristbands also incorporate a UV code. This is an Invisible UV security code at the end of the custom printed Tyvek wristband, which can only be seen with an UV flashlight (also available with us).

Personalised Paper wristbands made of Tyvek synthetic paper

Tyvek looks like paper, has a texture similar to paper, it is as thin as paper but it is not paper. Tyvek is a synthetic material made of polyethylene. Tyvek is tear resistant, water resistant, hypoallergic and is not irritating to the skin. Tyvek is sensitive to high temperatures and has low ink absorption. It is not printable with standard laser or inkjet printers. Custom printed wristbands with your text and logo are made of Tyvek.

Width Of Custom Paper Wristbands for Events

Standard width for the printed paper wristbands, produced with your choice of background colour, logo and text is 19mm (or 3/4inch). We recommend this size of wristbands because it is in proportion with an average human wrist and is not bulky.

Length Of Custom Paper Wristbands for Events

As standard the length of our printed paper wristbands with various background colours and custom printed with your text and logo is 250mm. Some wristbands are perforated 30mm from the end of the wristband, creating a tear-off stub that can be used as a coupon. Because of fine production calibration there may be slight differences in the lengths between produced lots.

Available Background colours For Printed Paper Wristbands

You can order customised Tyvek wristband with your text and logo in the following background colours: Green or lime paper wristbands: PMS® code - 802 (UV reflective) Dark green paper wristbands: PMS® code - 348 Red paper wristbands: PMS® code - 032 Dark red or maroon paper wristbands: PMS® code - 1935 Yellow paper wristbands: PMS® code - 803 (UV reflective) Blue paper wristbands: PMS® code - 801 Dark blue paper wristbands: PMS® code - 293 Orange paper wristbands: PMS® code - 804 (UV reflective) Pink paper wristbands: PMS® code - 806 (UV reflective) Purple paper wristbands: PMS® code - 266 Bronze or Golden paper wristbands: PMS® code - 118 Grey paper wristbands: PMS® code - 421 White paper wristbands Black paper wristbands

Buy Online Cheap Custom Paper Wristbands In UK And Republic Of Ireland - No Minimum Order

All our personalised printed paper wristbands (custom paper bracelets) are of a high quality in eye-popping background colours and sharp printing of your text and logo and at a very good price. Backed by 25 years of experience. So what are you waiting for? Order Now and see the difference. There is no minimum order. Order as few or as many as you like. We are very sure that you'll be delighted with the quality you get for the money. Our fast printing speed of up to 20,000 wristbands a day allows us to dispatch bulk orders of wristbands in a very short time. We will ship your order from Aarhus in Denmark and all our orders for paper wristbands with printing will be dispatched within 48 hours. We deliver anywhere in UK and Republic of Ireland. Normally the transit time is about 2 days if your delivery address is in or not far from major cities in the UK and Republic of Ireland like London, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham, Calgary, Cork, Coventry, Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Leeds, Liverpool, etc. Delivery to remote areas in the UK may take an extra day or two.

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What Our Customers Say

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Great service and product. Arrived quickly and would definitely recommend

— Karen Cogan

Thanks very much. Great job!

— Dan Wiseman

Very good service and communications!

— Marcia Stephenson

Quality work and service

— Kimmo Bellmann

JM Band has been an excellent and very reliable supplier of various products we need for our events, going for several years. They deliver quickly and their customer service has always been impeccable, as well. I would strongly recommend them.

— Wilhelm Svenselius

Good quality and very good and quick service

— Patrick

Good price and quality of the products. Delivery tracked and delivered on time. I could strongly recommend this company to my customer.

— Nicolas Phalippoux

Order received very fast - I didn't even realise it was being sent internationally. Good quality product

— Kate Hart

Super quick production and delivery - as in lightning fast. And the paper wristbands with logo that were produced were just right. Recommended company.

— Lars Kjær Dideriksen

Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I remove paper wristbands?

The quickest way to remove paper wristbands is to cut them off with scissors. Alternatively, you can diagonally pull the unsealed end of the wristband and tear it off at the sealing mechanism present.

How do I ensure that festival wristbands are secure and cannot be copied?

To ensure that festival wristbands are secure and cannot be copied, JM Band offers security wristbands with advanced security features. In 2019, JM Band decided that all locks would cost the same, so security is not compromised by your budget.

Furthermore, optional security features are unique prints that shift from event to event, unique serial numbers, and ensuring that guests wear the wristbands tight so they cannot be passed forward.

Can I have unique designs or logos printed on the wristbands?

Yes, JM Band offers custom festival wristbands where you can have unique designs or logos printed. We also have a unique designer tool, so you can do it online.

With printed wristbands, event organizers can showcase their brand and create a unique experience for participants.

What is the delivery time for custom festival wristbands?

Paper wristbands are delivered from day to day, fabric wristbands typically take 10-18 days (depending on weekends), and silicone wristbands are usually delivered within 10-18 days. If it's without printing, it can be delivered from day to day.

The delivery time for custom festival wristbands varies, but JM Band works to ensure fast and efficient production and delivery so you can receive your one-time-use festival wristbands on time.

How do I choose the best material for my festival wristbands?

When choosing material for festival wristbands, JM Band recommends considering both comfort and durability. Reusable fabric wristbands are popular for their comfort and aesthetics, while plastic wristbands offer durability and are ideal for VIP access. Silicone wristbands are most often chosen for sports, schools, and sanitary conditions.

How can I make festival wristbands comfortable for guests to wear for several days?

To make festival wristbands comfortable for multiple days, JM Band ensures that the wristbands are made of skin-friendly materials and can be adjusted for a perfect fit.

You should consider choosing fabric wristbands if your budget allows for a slightly higher cost per guest, so they also have a good experience on the last day.

Is there an option to include RFID technology in the wristbands?

RFID technology can be easily integrated into festival wristbands to streamline entrance control and payments.

JM Band's RFID wristbands for festivals are state-of-the-art and enhance security.

You can also visit our page on RFID solutions.

How can festival wristbands contribute to more efficient entrance control?

To contribute to more efficient entrance control, festival wristbands can be equipped with RFID or unique ID codes in the form of a QR code that can be scanned for quick access.

How can I reuse or dispose of festival wristbands in an environmentally friendly way?

Sustainability is important to JM Band. No, we actually mean it! That's why we offer to take back festival wristbands so we can sort waste for you and ensure that what can be reused is reused, and the rest is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The printing industry is not particularly eco-friendly, so we must do everything we can to reduce CO2 and unnecessary waste where we can.

Can I order festival wristbands in small quantities, or is there a minimum purchase?

JM Band understands the need for flexibility and offers the option to order festival wristbands in small quantities, so you don't have to commit to large minimum purchases - even for wristbands for private parties.

If you choose JM Band's stocked products, you can select quantities as low as 1 piece for most products.

How can I ensure that the wristbands remain durable throughout all days of the festival, regardless of the weather?

To ensure that the wristbands remain durable throughout the entire festival, JM Band offers high-quality, affordable festival wristbands designed to withstand both water and wear.

Printed wristbands can also last for multiple days!

Do many guests cheat with access wristbands?

It varies and depends on many factors such as the guest segment, the price of the entry, if the event is for charity, the ease with which the guests are able to cheat, etc.

We posted a video on YouTube titled "4 ways to transfer fabric festival wristbands and how to avoid cheating", which has been viewed almost 200,000 times.

Customer Reviews

Based on 102 reviews
Ulf Björnfot
Very fast and correct de...

Very fast and correct delivery. Prices and service out of the ordinary!

Hi Ulf, Thank you so much for your 5-star review and for sharing your positive experience with us! We are pleased to hear that you are happy with both the delivery and our service. We always strive to offer our customers the best possible, both in terms of prices and service. Thank you for choosing the JM band and we look forward to serving you again in the future! Sincerely, your team at JM Band

Håkan Eriksson
Super fast delivery! 😁...

Super fast delivery! 😁

Hi Håkan, Thank you very much for your 5-star rating and to share your joy with our super-fast delivery! We are happy to know that we have been able to live up to your expectations. We look forward to continuing to offer you and all our customers the same high level of service in the future. Sincerely, Thomas Brahe CEO, JM Band

From request to the good...

From request to the goods to printing and delivery to Switzerland at an unmatched price: Less than a week! This is great! I don't know what else could be improved.

Hello Daniel,

Thanks for your 5-star review! We are very pleased to hear that you are so pleased with the whole process, from inquiry to delivery to Switzerland. Getting everything done in less than a week and at an unmatched price is exactly what we strive for.

We value your confidence in the JM Band and look forward to continuing to provide you with excellent service in the future.

With best regards,

Thomas Brahe
Director, JM Band

Gitte Livoni Pehrson
Ordered first in the aft...

Ordered first in the afternoon and the next day I received my order.

Hi Gitte, thank you very much for your review: D We are trying to be as fast as possible so we are glad that it all just played for you! ;) We are looking forward to you coming again! Best regards, JM Band Team

Super quick dispatch, go...

Super quick dispatch, good prices and products that live up to expectations. Can only be recommended 👍👌…

Hi Lea :) 1000 Thanks for a really nice review. It really warms a lot at the whole JMBand team :) The best regards Team JMBAND