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Printed Fabric Wristband

Printed Fabric Wristband

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 Production Time: 10-19 days

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Product Overview

Textile wristbands full colour printing

Make your event exclusive while having an efficient overview of your guests.

Buy printed fabric wristbands at the market's absolutely best quality.

Material: white polyester. Printing: full colour sublimation with gradient colours. Standard one side printing, option for printing on both sides. Minimum order: 100 wristbands. Production time: 18 days (calendar days) .Express production + fees .

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Production time: 18 days 500 to 10000 wristbands. For larger or smaller orders please contact us.Express production: + fees - contact us.

Specifications for printed fabric wristbands

Size: Width - 15mm or 20mm | Length - ~350mm.Graphic area: full wristband length.Material: polyester fabric.

Supported RFID chip list.

'One size' fits all. S-M-L-XL. Light weight. Soft. Water resistant. Tear resistant. Polyester Full colours Metal lock and plastic lock Pack: 50 per bag Optional - Sequential numbering Optional - Prototype

WOVEN in 7 colours, versus PRINTED in full colour (sublimation).Woven wristbands+ very durable, colours are stable and do not fade easily.- no gradient colours.Printed wristbands+ full colour printing with gradient colours.- durable but not for a prolonged wearing period.- back of the wristband is white or ink printed.

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What Our Customers Say

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Great service and product. Arrived quickly and would definitely recommend

— Karen Cogan

Thanks very much. Great job!

— Dan Wiseman

Very good service and communications!

— Marcia Stephenson

Quality work and service

— Kimmo Bellmann

JM Band has been an excellent and very reliable supplier of various products we need for our events, going for several years. They deliver quickly and their customer service has always been impeccable, as well. I would strongly recommend them.

— Wilhelm Svenselius

Good quality and very good and quick service

— Patrick

Good price and quality of the products. Delivery tracked and delivered on time. I could strongly recommend this company to my customer.

— Nicolas Phalippoux

Order received very fast - I didn't even realise it was being sent internationally. Good quality product

— Kate Hart

Super quick production and delivery - as in lightning fast. And the paper wristbands with logo that were produced were just right. Recommended company.

— Lars Kjær Dideriksen

Frequently Asked Questions...

How do I remove paper wristbands?

The quickest way to remove paper wristbands is to cut them off with scissors. Alternatively, you can diagonally pull the unsealed end of the wristband and tear it off at the sealing mechanism present.

How do I ensure that festival wristbands are secure and cannot be copied?

To ensure that festival wristbands are secure and cannot be copied, JM Band offers security wristbands with advanced security features. In 2019, JM Band decided that all locks would cost the same, so security is not compromised by your budget.

Furthermore, optional security features are unique prints that shift from event to event, unique serial numbers, and ensuring that guests wear the wristbands tight so they cannot be passed forward.

Can I have unique designs or logos printed on the wristbands?

Yes, JM Band offers custom festival wristbands where you can have unique designs or logos printed. We also have a unique designer tool, so you can do it online.

With printed wristbands, event organizers can showcase their brand and create a unique experience for participants.

What is the delivery time for custom festival wristbands?

Paper wristbands are delivered from day to day, fabric wristbands typically take 10-18 days (depending on weekends), and silicone wristbands are usually delivered within 10-18 days. If it's without printing, it can be delivered from day to day.

The delivery time for custom festival wristbands varies, but JM Band works to ensure fast and efficient production and delivery so you can receive your one-time-use festival wristbands on time.

How do I choose the best material for my festival wristbands?

When choosing material for festival wristbands, JM Band recommends considering both comfort and durability. Reusable fabric wristbands are popular for their comfort and aesthetics, while plastic wristbands offer durability and are ideal for VIP access. Silicone wristbands are most often chosen for sports, schools, and sanitary conditions.

How can I make festival wristbands comfortable for guests to wear for several days?

To make festival wristbands comfortable for multiple days, JM Band ensures that the wristbands are made of skin-friendly materials and can be adjusted for a perfect fit.

You should consider choosing fabric wristbands if your budget allows for a slightly higher cost per guest, so they also have a good experience on the last day.

Is there an option to include RFID technology in the wristbands?

RFID technology can be easily integrated into festival wristbands to streamline entrance control and payments.

JM Band's RFID wristbands for festivals are state-of-the-art and enhance security.

You can also visit our page on RFID solutions.

How can festival wristbands contribute to more efficient entrance control?

To contribute to more efficient entrance control, festival wristbands can be equipped with RFID or unique ID codes in the form of a QR code that can be scanned for quick access.

How can I reuse or dispose of festival wristbands in an environmentally friendly way?

Sustainability is important to JM Band. No, we actually mean it! That's why we offer to take back festival wristbands so we can sort waste for you and ensure that what can be reused is reused, and the rest is disposed of in an environmentally friendly manner. The printing industry is not particularly eco-friendly, so we must do everything we can to reduce CO2 and unnecessary waste where we can.

Can I order festival wristbands in small quantities, or is there a minimum purchase?

JM Band understands the need for flexibility and offers the option to order festival wristbands in small quantities, so you don't have to commit to large minimum purchases - even for wristbands for private parties.

If you choose JM Band's stocked products, you can select quantities as low as 1 piece for most products.

How can I ensure that the wristbands remain durable throughout all days of the festival, regardless of the weather?

To ensure that the wristbands remain durable throughout the entire festival, JM Band offers high-quality, affordable festival wristbands designed to withstand both water and wear.

Printed wristbands can also last for multiple days!

Do many guests cheat with access wristbands?

It varies and depends on many factors such as the guest segment, the price of the entry, if the event is for charity, the ease with which the guests are able to cheat, etc.

We posted a video on YouTube titled "4 ways to transfer fabric festival wristbands and how to avoid cheating", which has been viewed almost 200,000 times.

Customer Reviews

Based on 39 reviews
Frederikke Joy Kindt-Larsen
Absolutely fantastic cus...

Absolutely fantastic customer service. Flexible and really nice employees who saved our event! 5 out of 5 stars.

Hi Frederikke, many thanks for the great words and the full 5 stars! It's great to hear that our team could work together to save your event! Thanks for choosing JM Band. We do not hope that event rescue will be needed again, but if that is the case, then we are here for you! Sincerely, Thomas Brahe Director, JM Band

Ulla Andersen
Easy to order, fast deli...

Easy to order, fast delivery and the result was as desired.

Hi Ulla, Thank you so much for your 5-star review! We are very pleased to hear that the order was easy for you and that you are satisfied with both the delivery time and the final result. Your satisfaction is our highest priority and we are glad you took the time to give us feedback. We look forward to helping you again in the future! Sincerely, Thomas Brahe Director, JM Band

Wilhelm Svenselius
JM Band has been an exce...

JM Band has been an excellent and very reliable supplier of different products we need for our events for several years. They deliver quickly and their customer service has also always been impeccable. I would highly recommend them.

Hi Wilhelm, Wow! Thank you for this great review: D We really appreciate our collaboration and therefore it is great to hear that you feel the same way! We look forward to our future cooperation! All the best, jm band team

Maria Hertz
Quick and Effective Deli...

Quick and Effective Delivery

Hi Maria, thank you very much for the 5 stars and your positive feedback about our quick and effective delivery! We are pleased to hear that you are happy with our service. We always strive to deliver our products as quickly and smoothly as possible. We look forward to helping you again in the future. Sincerely, Thomas Brahe Director, JM Band

Jes Varming
Great service and quick ...

Great service and quick service

Hi Jes Varming, many thanks for your 5-star review! We are very pleased to hear that you have had a good experience with our service and service. That's exactly what we strive for here at JM Band. Thank you for choosing us and we look forward to being able to provide you with even more good service in the future. Sincerely, Thomas Brahe Director, JM Band