We always have in stock a few million paper wristbands in various colors and patterns. Having a large number of wristbands in stock allows us to dispatch bulk orders of wristbands in a very short time. Our stock wristbands are divided into five groups:

1) Blank white Tyvek paper wristbands non-coated.
2) Blank white Tyvek paper wristbands coated for inkjet printing.
3) Per-colored (mono color) paper wristbands.
4) Patterned Tyvek paper wristbands.
5) Blank Polyester paper wristbands for laser printing.

Blank white paper wristbands are normally used when we need to deliver full color printing or print patterned wristbands. They are also sold as pre-colored wristbands in white color even though they are not really printed.
We stock two types of blank white wristbands, non-coated and coated.

Non-coated Tyvek wristbands
Non-coated (or uncoated) Tyvek wristbands are made of standard Dupont Tyvek 1070D. They have low ink absorption characteristics which makes drying time for these wristbands relatively longer compared to coated wristbands.

Coated Tyvek wristbands
Coated Tyvek wristbands look very much the same as non-coated but with the difference that an extra thin layer of coating is added to the wristbands. This layer is porous and increases the ink absorption which allows drying time to be relatively shorter than non-coated Tyvek wristbands. The quality of the printing is also enhanced because of the higher absorption which results in a sharper printing image on the wristbands. These wristbands are widely used for printing on paper wristbands with inkjet printers.

Pre-colored Tyvek wristbands
Pre-colored (or mono colored) Tyvek wristbands are our most widely sold paper wristbands. They are printed in bulk using a rotational printing machine such as Mark Andy Printers that flood prints the full surface of one side of the wristbands. We supply them with no farther customization (called paper wristbands without printing) or we can further customize them with an over-print in one color. Over printing in one color, is fast and cheap compared to customizing in full color.


Patterned Tyvek wristbands
Patterned wristbands are wristbands that are non-flood printed, with a pattern using one or more colors. These wristbands are normally produced large scale in order to keep costs down. In stock we have different motifs for these wristbands such as party, kids’ adults and others. The patterns make the wristbands a bit more interesting than just single-color wristbands and attract more attention. We offer a further customization option to overprint some of these wristbands in black color. Over-printing patterned wristbands in black is also a fast and relatively inexpensive process.


Printable paper wristbands for laser printers
Laser printers’ principle is simple but very amazing. Ink particles are applied on a drum using static electricity. The particles are then moved to the media (paper) and finally are welded onto the media while passing through a fuser which is a roll that is heated to high temperature. There are two basic type of fuser heat sources: filament and LED. LED fusers are not as hot as filament fusers.

Tyvek is made of polyethylene which is temperature sensitive. It will melt if an attempt is made to pass it through laser fusing unit. Polyester on the other hand, can tolerate higher temperatures than Tyvek and can withstand the heat created by LED fusing unit.

At JMband we have Polyester based paper wristbands that can be printed with LED laser printers such as OKI printers.

Printing is not strait forward on Polyester based paper wristbands and require longer printing preparations..

Print your own paper wristbands

We have in stock for immediate delivery “print your own” paper wristbands for both inkjet and laser printers. These printable paper wristbands are not offered on our webshop because printing on these wristbands demanded extended of customer support. Supporting sales of these wristbands in small quantities does not pay off so we decided to sell printable paper wristbands in bulk quantities only.

Dimenssions and colors

Wristbands width
Standard width for the wristbands we stock is 19mm (or 3/4inch). We recommend this size of wristbands because it is in proportion with an average human wrist and is not bulky. However, sometimes when a lot of information needs to be printed on the wristbands, we suggest using 25mm or 1 inch. These wider wristbands are bulky and less comfortable to wear, especially if worn by kids with small wrists.

Wristbands length
As standard the length of our wristbands is 250mm. Some wristbands are perforated 30mm from the end of the wristband, creating a tear-off stub that can be used as a coupon. Because of fine production calibration there may be slight differences in the lengths between produced lots.

Printing area (over printing)
The printing area of the wristbands is 80% of the color flooded area, which means that we need to leave at the far end of the wristbands a part that is not printed. When using an online designer for customizing the wristbands printing area is further reduced as mention on the product page.

Available colors for paper wristbands with no printing.
Green or lime paper wristbands: Pantone® code - 802 (UV reflective)

Dark green paper wristbands: Pantone® code - 348

Red paper wristbands:  Pantone® code – 032

Dark red or maroon paper wristbands:  Pantone® code – 1935

Yellow paper wristbands: Pantone® code - 803 (UV reflective)

Blue paper wristbands:  Pantone® code – 801

Dark blue paper wristbands: Pantone® code – 293

Orange paper wristbands: Pantone® code - 804 (UV reflective)

Pink paper wristbands: Pantone® code - 806 (UV reflective)

Purple paper wristbands:  Pantone® code – 266

Bronze or golden paper wristbands:  Pantone® code – 118

Grey paper wristbands:  Pantone® code – 421

White paper wristbands

Black paper wristbands

Pantone® color chart

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