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“It is difficult to make predictions, especially about the future”. Niels Bohr smile.png

In many events it is difficult to predict exact attendance but as organisers get closer to the target date, it is much easier to estimates how many people will actually come to the gate and get into the event.

Every year thousands of unused festival wristbands are thrown to the bin because event organisers did not want to take a chance of getting stuck without wristbands for their guests and over-ordered. On the other hand, every year there are many event organisers that pull their hair saying “why didn’t we order more festival wristbands”?

A company that can quickly and reliably deliver admission control wristbands close to the date of an event (when you have more accurate attendance estimations) will help you save money. By delaying ordering to a time close to the event, it is much easier to estimate how many festival wristbands are really need for the event.

JMband did it before and can do it in the future. No matter if it is 100.000 custom printed paper wristbands or 50 wristbands with personal printing, JMband can deliver next day if needed and if conditions are right.


It is only natural that organisers are hoping for a successful event. Pre-event ticket sales secure the organisers some income and many times there are discounts offered if the tickets are bought in advance. Many times, hopes are too high or estimations were too modest but as time passes reality gets clearer and estimations are more accurate on how many people will attend and thus how many festival wristbands should be ordered.


Cancelations and confirmations

Today there are many sophisticated tools on social media (but not only) that can indicate the attendance to an event. Potential participants can register and even provide information how likely they are to take part in the event. Event groups and social media activity is a strong indicator where the wind is blowing.  Facebook “likes” are no guarantee but if properly filtered may give an idea on the chances of attendance.  The closer the event the more data is available for an accurate estimation on how many festival wristbands to order.



Weather affects our lives in many ways and in particular our mood. Outdoor events especially but also indoor events are very much affected by the weather. It may be too hot, too cold, too much rain, strong wind or just grey and cloudy. We have all tried different combinations of weather factors and know how they affect us. If your guests will estimate that weather conditions during an event will be comfortable, better chances they will attend the event. Even weather conditions for people commuting to an indoor event, may affect the number of participants in the event

As the event date gets closer chances improve on getting an accurate weather forecast. After assessing and estimating you can get a better idea on how weather conditions will affect the number of people attending your event and how many admission wristbands will be needed for the guests.



Many good things and many bad things can happen to us humans in any given day. Here are two examples how news may affect attendance. Shocking new about a violent event, especially nearby, may cause people to drop the event and stay home where they feel safe. On the other hand, a victory of a national or local sport team may sway people’s mood and their decision whether to go out and take part in the company of others. Following local and national news and interpreting the news correct will give an advantage when making attendance estimations.


“The best help for those thinking too big or too small, is to give them more time” JMband Team   smile.png

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