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Traditionally, sashes were worn by royalty for several centuries, though without text but with decorations and ornaments. We see it on official occasions, when the royal family and now also heads of state, show off on TV with these beautiful sashes that go from shoulder to hip. The look and decorations depend on the occasion. The ribbon can be worn over a uniform with medals, as a symbol of honor.

Newer versions, which we also know well, are used for beauty contests all over the world with text like "MISS UNIVERSE" and "MISS WORLD".

The old tradition with its conservative design is one thing, another is the festive and popular use of these colorful sashes with personalized text. These sashes have spread a lot, and keeps spreading everywhere to much fun for both the receivers and the givers who have designed these.

Since ribbons are worn diagonally across the shoulder, the name shoulder straps are also used as a name for the ribbon. Names like cross bands are also encountered, it probably comes because it crosses over the chest. It may well be confusing with the different names but in principle it is the same product.


As described above, you do not need to be royal, receive honors or beauty queen to wear sashes today. Now, everyone can feel special or even "Royal" and use the old band tradition, to make a fun or semi-serious statement, using our party band. It is widely used for all kinds of occasions, to honor the honorary guest, make extra fun for an event, express an affiliation, or whatever it may be. There are many examples for use and there is no limit to this.

The sash can become a souvenir, which is kept from the lovely confirmation day, where the confirmand received the crossband with the text: "The Confirmand Of The Day", or from the wonderful summer holiday, where you were voted as the summer's beach babe or hunk. It can be used to divide guests and participants into groups using different colors or texts for theme parties or other events, it is both a practical and festive way to use them.

It is super fun to decorate the dress of the upcoming bride with a ribbon for a bachelor party with the inscription "Help me get married" and the bride maids with one where it says "The bride's crew". It gives a nice feeling of team spirit to the girlfriends for an exciting activity-rich day, none of what they will forget.

For the company's annual Christmas lunch, it is festive to give the employees a band with the company’s name and logo, so that they get a fun atmosphere of community and "comradeship".

Give the winner of the tournament or fight a sash on the shoulder, then there is no doubt who the winner is. Alternately take it yourself to the match, where your favorite team plays to show them respect and support them.

Every mother will melt on Mother's Day when the kids give her a colorful statement that says "My Mother is the best in the world". The expectant mother will feel proud at baby showers when she carries the sash across her shoulder "It'll be a girl ".

The British have taken their tradition from America to their gala parties, where they appoint the party’s king and queen and give them beautiful sashes.

Sashes for nominees of the year or month, like employees or colleagues are commonly used. It can be anything like the teacher of the year or the season's coach. Schools and associations award prizes to the school's nerd, the class's pet, the club's finest and so on.

The birthday kid will get even more attention with a customized personal birthday ribbon, that you have designed specifically for him or her on the festive day where he or she will celebrate. Also make a completely unique and personal one for the student when the last exam is well completed and for the ‘in love bridal couple’ who say yes to each other, or the golden bridal couple who still stick together through thick and thin. Yes, there are a millions of possibilities, only your imagination sets limits to text, color and for whatever reason.

Placement of the band is usually from the right shoulder to the left hip, but sometimes also the opposite way.

It's not just limited to people. Animals can also be given a prize in competitions. Your horse or dog will be beautiful with a band around the neck, it should only be adapted in size.


Sashes are made of water-repellent Polyprotex which is a kind of polypropylene or of ECO satin Viscose (Rayon) - acetate fabric, made of wood cellulose . The bands have a beautiful shiny reflection, so-called glossy, exterior, which is the side we print on. The other side of the ribbon, the inside, is matt. Fringes made of lurex in metallic gold or silver color included for attachment to the ends of the ribbon, giving it a more fancy look. Of course, it is optional if you want to use the fringes, they can also be avoided and the ends can be cut in other formations than the straight end we deliver them in. On the product page, we illustrate how you can cut them in diagonal shape, V-cut or as an arrowhead. Self-adhesive velcro also comes along and is used to assemble it instead of sewing it together. There are several advantages to velcro rather than sewing. Velcro makes it easy to take it on and off and it can easily be adjusted in size. The safety is also a factor taken into consideration here, because if it is sewn together, there may be a risk of suffocation if an accident occurs and the wearer is catching something with the band. It will not happen with velcro, because it will immediately be separated.


Printing on our sashes is made using the thermal transfer technique, where a special high quality film is used. This print is highly resistant to scratching and rubbing in order for the text to remain intact and clear despite use, it will be a shame if the text is suddenly unreadable, when you have made the effort of designing a nice personal gift for the bearer. The available colors are black, metallic gold or metallic silver. The metallic colors fit all ribbons and the text is beautiful and shiny so it looks glamorous. Black text is fine for the light backgrounds.

Online designing of nomination bands

The easiest and cheapest way to get your own text is to design them on our website with our advanced online designer. It is also the fastest in terms of delivery time when you have ordered it online. The designer is clear and easy to use. It immediately gives you the impression of how the finished product can look. You can play with it directly on the screen by choosing different colors, fonts, changing your personal text, taking advantage of our available logos such as a king’s crown or a butterfly, moving the elements around and adjusting sizes. When you are satisfied, you can enter the number and press on the shopping cart.


Who doesn't go after a bargain! The price means a lot. Of course, customers compare prices, but it is important to take three things into consideration when comparing suppliers, and it is both price and quality and service. We are committed to delivering good quality sashes, and an exceptional service to our customers.


You can probably buy cheap sashes from Amazon, eBay, or at a local party web shop who have sashes for sale on the internet, but our sashes are unique, you can design them online and we produce your order quickly.

Delivery and transit time

Plain sashes without print are normally sent the same day. We try to send online personalized sashes the same day. Customized bands with print via e-mail usually take a few days before we can ship the finished product. We deliver anywhere in UK and Republic of Ireland. Normally the transit time is about 2 days if your delivery address is in or not far from major cities in the UK and Republic of Ireland like London, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham, Calgary, Cork, Coventry, Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Leeds, Liverpool, etc. Delivery to remote areas in the UK may take an extra day or two.