Tokens in stock

Tokens in stock

  • Plastic tokens in stock Follow your sales using your own currency. Buy plastic tokens at the market's absolutely best quality.  Material: hard PVC plastic. Minimum quantity: 10 tokens. Used as a payment alternative and souvenirs. Gives a good  overview on sales. Allow faster transactions and simplify payments. Durable and reuseable. Standard designs In...

  • Metal tokens and coins in stock Follow your sales, and maintain the feeling of genuine currency. Buy stock metal tokens and coins at the market's absolutely best quality  No minimum quantity. Material: brass. Color: gold. Sizes Ø: 20,5mm  ;  23,35mm  ;  25mm  ;  27mm  ;   29mm. Thickness: 1.5mm ~ 2,5mm   See other metal token products      Order before...

  • Standard set numbered tokens plastic  100 (001 - 100) plastic sequentially numbered tokens, embossed on one side only, in gold color, An alternative to paper or cardboard numbers. Size Ø: 33mm diameter.   See other plastic token products    Order before 15:00, we normally send out the same day.  Prices, more info, order

  • Counting tray for tokens  Solid and inexpensive solution for sorting, counting and storing tokens. Made of durable plastic. Dishwasher safe. Trays can be easily stacked - full or empty (not with 38mm tokens).  Order before 15:00, we normally send out the same day.

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