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Cloakroom Tickets and Plastic Cloakroom Tags

JMband, is a leading supplier of cloakroom tickets to the UK and Republic of Ireland.
Whether you are looking for plastic cloakroom tags, Numbered Cloakroom Tickets or Coat Check Tickets in varied colours and numbered as per your requirement, we can help you find an effective solution for the right price. We offer a wide variety of solutions both in paper and in plastic.

Uses of Coat Check Tickets

If there is something that guests get annoyed about, it's about their belongings disappearing. It can ruin the otherwise fun city tour or amazing theater experience. It's also not nice to keep an eye on your bag or jacket for a whole evening at the disco when you love to dance freely around the dance floor.

If you are in the music hall, it's nice to have your outerwear stored safely while watching the great show of the evening. A cloakroom with proper supervision and a practical and easy storage system can help provide a good experience for the guests. This will help you keep your guests happy and increase your profits.
At the check-in point, the guest delivers a garment to a person in charge of the cloakroom. The guest gets the one part of a 2-part numbered cloakroom ticket and the other part is placed on the hanger with the garment. In a well-organized and systematic cloakroom retrieving the garment to the guest is very easy.
Using a 3 part cloakroom ticket, is really smart and is similar to using 2-part tickets but together with the garment there is an option to deposit an accessory such as a bag, a hat an umbrella and any other reasonably sized item that the guest relieved when needed. Accessories in a cloakroom are usually placed on a shelf under the coat hangers.

The shelves are especially designated for accessories. One more option is a hook close to the coat hanger. Another less efficient option is placing the accessory item on the floor under the corresponding coat hanger. In some case an elastic rubber band is used to secure the accessory part of the Coat Check ticket to the belonging that is to be kept. The cloakroom tickets we offer, are made of paper or plastic.

Materials Used In Paper Cloakroom Tickets

All our paper cloakroom tickets are micro perforated, making it easy to separate the ticket parts when handing the tickets out to the guests and when placing them on the coat hanger. Our preprinted cloakroom tickets are made of standard 120gsm paper and or custom printed cloakroom tickets are made of thermal direct paper.

Materials Used In Plastic Cloakroom Tags

Our plastic cloakroom tags are made of PVC and are produced with a plastic injection machine.

Types Of Cloakroom Tickets

We supply cloakroom tickets in 3 formats: Rolls made of paper, Booklets made of paper and Tags made of plastic.
Rolls are the most popular format when it comes to cloakroom tickets. We offer 2 types of rolls: Standard paper rolls which are pre-printed and are always in stock.

Cloakroom Tickets Roll

Cloakroom Tickets Rolls come in rolls of 500 double or triple tickets. In each color we have a set of two rolls one starting from 001 - 500 and the other from 501 - 1000 so that in one set you would get the numbers 001 - 1000.
You also have the option of ordering rolls with numbers 001 - 2000 and 001 - 5000 on special request. These rolls are offered as two-part tickets and as three-part tickets. Stock cloakroom paper tickets come in six different colors: red, green, yellow, blue, purple and white.

Thermal Paper Rolls

Thermal paper rolls which can be customized using a thermal printer. These are three-part tickets and in every roll, there are 1000 tickets. We supply our printing system JMB4 so our customers can customize the tickets on their own or we can customize the cloakroom tickets using our industrial thermal printers.

Stock thermal direct cloakroom tickets come in three different colors: green, yellow and white.

Cloakroom Tickets Book

Cloakroom tickets in booklet format are pre-printed and are always in stock. The cloakroom tickets come in booklets of 100 three-part tickets. 001 - 100; 101 - 200; 201 - 300 etc. up to 901 - 1000. In every carton there are 10 booklets so that in one set of 10 booklets you would get the numbers 001 - 1000.

Plastic Cloakroom Tags

Cloakroom tags are made of PVC plastic. Cloakroom tags are a good alternative to paper cloakroom tickets. They are environmentally friendly as they can be reused many times. We always have in stock standard sets of 100 tags and they go from 001 up to 500.
If needed we can customize the back of the tags with logo and text. The disadvantage of the plastic cloakroom tags is that when numbers get lost or are just forgotten, it is costlier and time consuming to get replacements

Dispensers For Cloakroom Tickets Roll

In order to keep track of the roll cloakroom tickets, a dispenser can be purchased. Either for a single roll or for a few rolls. Using a dispenser for cloakroom tickets makes it easier to distribute the tickets and helps keep the rolls in order.

Personalised Cloakroom Tickets With Online Designing

With an advanced online designer tool on our website, customers have the option of designing for themselves personalised cloakroom tickets. Texts, logos, icons, date and time can be added. The whole design process is done on a computer screen.
The online designer is simple and intuitive, yet with a lot of flexibility. There is an option of choosing fonts, we have provided tens of relevant icons that can be added to the design and there is also an option of uploading a quadratic logo.
Once the design is completed you can add your personalised cloakroom tickets to the shopping cart as any other physical product that you can order from an online shop.

Buy Online Paper Cloakroom Tickets and Plastic Cloakroom Tags

All our Cloakroom Tickets and Plastic Cloakroom Tags are of a high quality in vivid colours and at a very good price. Backed by 25 years of experience. So what are you waiting for?
Order Now and see the difference. We are very sure that you'll be delighted with the quality you get for the money.
We will ship your order from Aarhus in Denmark. We normally ship our stock cloakroom tickets the same day we get the order. We need a few more days to print Coat Check Tickets with your own design. Stock plastic cloakroom tags are normally shipped same day they are ordered. Custom printed cloakroom tags with your own design takes up to 28 days before we can deliver them.
We deliver anywhere in UK and Republic of Ireland. Normally the transit time is about 2 days if your delivery address is in or not far from major cities in the UK and Republic of Ireland like London, Cardiff, Belfast, Birmingham, Calgary, Cork, Coventry, Dublin, Glasgow, Manchester, Newcastle, Nottingham, Leeds, Liverpool, etc. Delivery to remote areas in the UK such as Isle Of Man may take an extra day or two.


The name of the wardrobe number will of course be a certificate of wardrobe storage. You will receive a lap of paper or other physical product with a number and on the corresponding hanger for your outerwear, the same number. Possibly there is a third part, which is for accessories, such as a bag or hat, which then puts on the third part of the wardrobe number.
However, it is called several different things. You may encounter the name of the garbage certificate, precisely because it is used as proof that you have belongings in the wardrobe for temporary storage during an event and with the proof you are guaranteed to get it again.
The wardrobe is also a known and obvious name, just because it looks like a ticket you are given to access your belongings in the wardrobe again. The name of the wardrobe covers the same as the previous one. It is just called brand instead, as it is also a mark that is affixed to his or her belongings and is stored in the wardrobe and an ongoing mark as proof.