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Terms UK

If a customer chooses delivery by post letter - JMband guarantees sending the goods but does not guarantee the delivery. All other delivery methods are guaranteed by  JMband .


For the following orders JMband may replace UPS services with postal services and guarentees delivery.

Orders with delivery to a postbox address (UPS cannot obtain a signature)

Orders with delivery address that is considered by UPS as remote area.

Orders with delivery address that is considered by UPS as private address (not a company)



JMband will deliver the ordered goods after payment is registered. In special cases, after crediet evaluation is confirmed in writing goods will be set per invoice and a payment date. 

Order notice

Upon receiving an order notice or the like by eMail from JMband , customers are obliged to check that all order details are correct.

Inspection obligation

All goods should be inspected by the buyer as the goods are recieved

Shortage or defected goods

 JMband's responsibility for shortage of goods or the like is limited to resending the  balance amount.

If the customer is not satisfied with the goods received from JMband and would like to return all or part of the goods, the following procedure must be followed:

Always start by writing us with the title RETURN GOODS. First mention order codes, item description and then the reason for which you would like to return the goods.

If you decide not to use post services (snail mail) but rather write an eMail, responsibility for lost (spam filtered etc.) eMails are on the buyer.

On receiving your RETURN GOODS notice, JMband will do its best to try and find an appropriate solution. You will receive a notice from JMband by eMail within 3 working days.

Items sent back to JMband , without a prior RETURN GOODS notification, will not be processed. Items that will be sent back to J & Maya on COD (cash on delivery) basis will be rejected.

Returned goods should be sent with a proof of delivery.

RETURN GOODS delivery costs will be covered by JMband in the case that J & Maya accepts responsibility for the claim.

Color shades, font size and graphic proportions may vary from what you see on your computer screen. JMband reserves the right to modify font size and graphic proportions without prior notice to customer . Complaints about color shades, font size and graphic proportions are limited to cases where a prototype copies were ordered before production start. 

Orders made using online designers go directly into production. Changes, remarks, and eMails cannot be implemented after order is confirmed.

Orders are always produced according to the layout (order code). Any change in quantity, colors or other variables requires a new layout.

International shipments

Transport fees vary according to total weight / volume of the shipment and mode of transport.


Shipping fees include handling & packing charges. 

Delivery time

Packages are generally dispatched within 1 working days after payment has been registered, and are shipped via UPS or Post Denmark.


Post Denmark letters delivery - is not insured in case of loss, and is the buyer's responsibility.

UPS / Post packet delivery - is insured in case of loss. Customer receives a tracking number by eMail. Buyer's signature is required upon delivery. JMband is responsible for delivery.


We advise you to group your items in one order. We cannot group two distinct orders placed separately. Shipping fees will apply to each order.

Legal Notice

An agreement between JMband and the buyer will first take place after J & Maya accepts the order.

If production or delivery of an order is cancelled or delayed due to force major, JMband will do it's best to compensate the party that placed the order but will have no binding obligation for compensation.

It is agreed that in case of a dispute, all legal proceedings will be held in Århus ; Denmark, under Danish law.