Festival wristbands

After many years of working with admission control wristbands and other functional wristbands made of paper, plastic, fabric, silicone etc., we thought it would be great to share our knowledge and discuss topics related to these wristbands. Open, free and positive.

How to choose between woven and printed fabric wristbands?
The differences between woven and printed fabric wristbands, advantages and disadvantages.
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Buying Guide for Admission Control Wristbands
Comparing the three types of wristbands: Tyvek Paper wristbands, Plastic wristbands and Fabric wristbands.
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Paper wristbands with printing and paper wristbands without printing
A review of the different types of paper wristbands we offer. Paper wristbands made of Tyvek or Polyester. Custom printed paper wristbands and print your own paper wristband.
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JMband Online Designers history
A brief history on the evolution of JMband Online Designers and the future of online designing
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4 ways to transfer fabric festival wristbands, which event organizers should be aware of
When fabric festival wristbands are not applied correctly, there are different options to transfer the wristbands from person to person.
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How can fast printing on festival wristbands save you money?
How to better predict how many people will attend your event and how to use the prediction to order the correct number of wristbands.
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